Up until about a decade ago, you’d never find more than two brussels sprouts on my plate.  I couldn’t understand how they’d made their way into any holiday menu. No one seemed to put much thought into how they were prepared. These days, sprouts have had a serious make-over.  Here’s one of my year-round favourite ways to serve sprouts. The addition of lemon is a nice counterpoint to a rich, holiday meal. You can adjust this recipe according to your taste – sweet, savory, dairy-free – whatever suits your taste and guest list. If you shred the sprouts finely, you’ll find a few go a long way!

PS: There are only 50 calories in a cup of cooked brussels sprouts.


2 pounds cleaned and washed brussels sprouts

2 TBSP canola oil

Zest and juice of one lemon 

1 TBSP dijon mustard

2 TBSP honey

¼  cup good quality olive oil

1 heaping cup of toasted walnuts

½ cup of finely grated pecorino or parmesan cheese, or to taste.

Salt and pepper to taste


Using a mandoline, finely shred the brussels sprouts. If you’re like me, you’ll have nightmares about this procedure. BE CAREFUL! 

Place walnuts on a baking sheet and toast at 350 degrees in the centre of the oven.  Don’t take your eyes off them!  Depending on whether they’re whole or pieces, they’ll be toasted in a very few minutes.  Set them aside when done.

Emulsify the lemon juice, dijon mustard, honey and oil.

Heat the oil in a large frying pan. When the oil is shimmering, add the shredded brussels sprouts. Move sprouts around in the pan and do not allow them to burn. Tongs come in handy here.

Toss the sautéed sprouts in the emulsified dressing.  Add the walnuts, cheese and a sprinkle of lemon zest.

Serve while hot.

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