The Bookless Club

It’s just like a book club, only there’s no book and no club.


Many’s the time that I’ve been blown off course. I’ve dithered and fretted and taken on water. If I’m lucky, something will come along to right my vessel. Something will shift a piece of ballast… Read More »ROYAL EXAMPLE


We writers have a saying, “If I’d had more time, I could have made it shorter.” Same goes for packing. The longer that suitcase is open on the living room floor, the fewer things are… Read More »PACKING HEAT


I sat in the stands under the big red and white tent that’s been part of the Vancouver summer landscape since 1990. Unfurling before me was over two and half hours of Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer… Read More »LINE PLEASE!


There’d been several men doing work in the basement.  Later in the evening, she did a quick inspection of the area. She noticed that one of the basement windows was unlatched. No one in her… Read More »TRUST