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was in Manhattan last March. Pandemic fears were just starting to ratchet up but, beatifically oblivious, I was taking in a play in Times Square with a former neighbour. The play was Come From Away, the true story of the 38 plane loads of passengers diverted to Gander, Newfoundland following the 9/11 attacks. Essentially, the play is about kindness and the spirit of volunteerism. About how, when the chips are down, we humans have a magnificent capacity to pull together. It’s a tale that bears repeating and we humans are always in search of a reprise, on any scale.


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They’re not paying me to say so, but I’m saying so, just the same. I’m really liking Domo Teas.  It’s a local Vancouver company and there’s lots of interesting blends to choose from. If you’re on a ‘coffee break’, give Domo teas a try.  I get mine at London Drugs.


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